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Jewel Cichlid - Dwarf African Butterfly Cichlid or Dwarf Jewel Fish


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Dwarf African Butterfly Cichlid Dwarf Jewel Fish

Wooded Streams

  • Size: up to 3″
  • pH:6 to 8.0  8
  • KH: 10 to 18o
  • Temp:73-80F
  • Origin:Western Africa;found in small, wooded tributaries of the Moa River
  • Chemicals: Liquid Malawi Buffer or liquid Cichlid Essential found at Cichlid Chemistry
  • Food: New Life Spectrum “Cichlid Formula” found at Fish Foods

The Dwarf Jewel Fish (Butterfly Cichlid), is a pleasant, peaceful fish who some say share a similar temperment of a Kribensis. These fish are recommended for community tanks, although from time to time a pair of Dwarf Jewel Fish may have an altercation. If this occurs, one should be removed as they do become territorial during spawing. This fish is best suited for an African River community tank.

Size at shipping: about 1+”