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Cichlids - African Cichlids Aquarium Fish

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High Quality Farm-Raised African Cichlids For Sale at

WHY BUY OUR CICHLIDS? Simple. Our prices & Our Quality!

At our farm you will find happier, healthier, high quality cichlids at low discounted prices! All of our cichlids are farm-raised & hand fed by our family! We take great pride in offering our fish the best food, loving care and a clean, peaceful environment right up to the day your order is shipped. Then we carefully select each fish for your order, ensuring to pack them gently so you get them the next morning, alive & well!

Sexing Fish: Please do not request pairs of fish as we do not sell “sexed” animals unless specified.

Helpful Ordering Hints:  Losses in Transit: You must consider the chance that you may have a loss in transit, or in acclimation. A couple things to consider. Always add the styro box & heat pack/cold pack at checkout. Our losses have dropped over 90% since we began using styro insulated boxes. When ordering fish, perhaps order more than 1 or 2 of a certain species in the event of a loss. Just because you end up with 1 male, or 1 female does not assure that she will breed with your boy. Many female cichlids require a “group” of males to choose from, before she will pick her lifelong mate.

If you need any help putting together an order of cichlids, please know that we are here to help you.

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