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Discus – Large Blue Checkerboard Discus Fish



Providing your Discus with the proper food is very important! You may notice that they are very picky eaters when put into a new surrounding. To encourage a healthy appetite, supplementing feeding with blood worms will significantly help. You can also sneak in some of the New Life Spectrum Discus Formula for a complete healthy diet. Pablo Teepot, a world renowned Cichlid breeder, is the manufacturer of NLS food and knows exactly how to give your Discus the most beneficial foods. With a good diet your fish will be colorful in no time!

Another key factor to providing your Discus with a healthy lifestyle is to ensure that the water temperatures are above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If not, they can become very dark in color and stop eating. Their coloration will vary based on mood, health, time of year, and food types offered.


Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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