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Discus – Thailand Ocean Green Discus Fish

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Discus fish are recognized for their high quality and distinctive colorations. Discus specifically from Thailand tend to be even more colorful. They are beautiful genus of three warm water species of New World Cichlids that are native to the Amazon River Basin. Unlike most of our fish, Discus are not hand raised by Arizona Aquatic Gardens.

They are imported to us from Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, and then shipped to you from our LA outlet. Before shipping they are ran through a strict quarantine to ensure 100% live and healthy delivery to your home. Through our experience we have found that Discus Fish can be especially picky eaters, especially when introduced to a new home. Supplement feeding with blood worms will help to break this habit and encourage a healthy appetite.

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Minimum quantity for “Ocean Green Discus Fish – Thailand” is 6

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