Rock-Dwelling Mbuna Cichlid – Zebra Obliquidens Cichlid

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Haplochromis latifasciatus, Victorian Cichlid

The East African Zebra Cichlid is an elongated fish with lateral compression. The coloration is highly variable depending on sex, mood, dominance, spawning season, & population. Dominant males in spawning dress are most colorful. The back is orange-red, while the flanks are a bright, yellow-green. The throat & underparts are light turquoise. The body is marked with 8-9 transverse bars & the fins are multicolored. Females are gray-yellow in color, while non-dominant males assume similar coloration of the female. Shipped at about 3″ or more. These are remarkable fish that are simply jaw dropping when stocked in numbers. This cichlid is always a talked about favorite for those that have grown a group of them in a tank.

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