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Killifish - Cyprinodontidae Fish

Killifish – Living Jewels of the Fish World!

Killifish are a small, highly colorful tropical fish found in many areas of the world except in Australia & the Antarctic. Their bright colors, small size, & easy to raise nature have given them a devoted following among aquarium hobbyists all over the world. Killies are extremely undemanding and can be kept in a variety of containers as they thrive in small tanks. A corner of a small apartment can hold a rack of small killie tanks. Killies prefer live food, but most tropical fish do, so they will do perfectly well when fed frozen, freeze-dried or other prepared foods. Killies have some of the most fascinating life cycles of any animal as many of them live in temporary pools & streams and will deposit their eggs in the mud. The water will dry up and the eggs remain dormant, buried below the ground. When the rains come the following season, which may be several months, a new generation will magically appear, seemingly from out of nowhere!

Not all killifish do this as others deposit eggs on plants which hatch in week or so. In both cases Killi eggs are amazingly tough and are commonly shipped all over the world and ship very well. Killies are a perfect choice for the beginning hobbyist. Killifish make a wonderful addition to any peaceful, community aquarium as they add a diversity of beautiful color and form.

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