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American Frogbit or Limnobium spongia Floating Plant

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The American Frogbit Floating Plant, otherwise known as Limnobium spongia, is an easy growing free-floating perennial plant that spreads easily. DO NOT plant this in soil!  Simply toss this in an aquarium or pond and allow the roots to float.  It WILL grow!  We gets tons of calls and texts from customers saying they think they got the wrong plant, but we repeat: Just toss it in the water! You’ll see!  🙂

The bright green foliage varies in figure, from round, to heart-shaped, to kidney-shaped. While providing protection to young fish and koi in your pond, the plant is also great for eliminating algae. This plant can also be fed plant food for more vigorous growth or allow it to adsorb excess nitrogen and phosphates for a naturally clean pond!

Minimum quantity for “American Frogbit or Limnobium spongia Floating Plant” is 3.

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