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Rasbora – Exclamation Point Rasbora or Least Rasbora


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  • Exclamation Point Rasbora or Least Rasbora
    Boraras urophthalmoides(formerly Rasbora urophthalma)
    aka: Silver head dwarf RasboraNative to: Southeast Asia
    Temp: 71-75°F
    pH: 6.0 – 7.0
    Fish Size 2-3 cm

    This charming dwarf rasbora is an easy Omnivore that will delight when stocked in numbers to create a harmonious school. Can be mixed with other Rasboras.

  • Diet: Omnivore, In captivity they will accept flake food and suitably sized live or frozen food. Food items need to be small because Rasbora hengeli only have very small mouths.

Decorate with driftwood and real plants!  Stocking: This is a shoaling species, keep in groups of five or more minimum. These are shy but peaceful and suitable for a community tank with other gentle species. Use Peat Granules to to recreate native heavily vegetated acidic still water.

Size at shipping: about 3/4″ + SHIPS WELL