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Bandit Cichlid or Guianacara Dacrya Cichlid


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Bandit Cichlid

Guianacara Dacrya

Guianacara dacrya or commonly Bandit Cichlids can be distinguished from other members of the subgenus Guianacara on its dark stripe. This dark stripe is located below the eye and fades across the cheek. It remains dark as it approaches the throat but the Guianacara dacrya sports white spots on the spiny portion of the dorsal fin, and this species also differs from the other known members of Guianacara by having a bony flange on the sides of the lower pharyngeal jaw.

Guianacara dacrya is native to the tributaries of Rio Essequibo River and Rio Branco in Guyana and northern Brazil where they live in both clear water streams w moderate current and seasonally flooded lagoons with no current.

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