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SAE - False SAE Thai Flying Fox Algae Eaters



Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus

The Thai Flying Fox native to Thailand, is an algae eater that is also known as the False Siamese Algae Eater. It has often gotten a bad rap by many hobbyists as people online will talk about how this fish is aggressive, however, this is not entirely true. The issue with most people that keep Flying Foxes is that they will keep only one in a tank and it will swim all over the tank like crazy, because it’s looking for others of it’s kind to swim with.  Keep your Flying Fox in groups or colonies with large numbers of Flying Foxes and watch how peaceful they will become. It is true that when Flying Foxes get older they will not be so interested in eating algae, unlike the SAE which will eat algae until the day it dies but who cares! The Flying Fox is a pretty fish to have as part of your entertainment, and they do scavenge great which is important for your aquarium.

Common food consumed by the Thai Flying Fox is Green Hair, some Black Hair or Filamentous algae. Algae found on rocks and wood will also be eaten as well as flatworms and plant leeches that become a problem in freshwater aquariums. You can supplement to their diet with New Life Spectrum’s H2O Stable Wafers, bloodworms and other prepared foods..