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Thailand Assorted Mixed Fancy Colors Discus

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The Thailand Mixed Discus Fish are native to the Amazon River Basin. Asia is one of the largest producers of these fish in the aquaculture industry. The Discus are one of the few fish we carry that our company doesn’t hand raise. They are important from Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore and directly shipped to you from our LA outlet.

The Thailand Discus tend to me more colorful due to hormone additives while the Discus from Vietnam and Singapore are more naturally grown due to their lack of hormones. In order to get maximum coloration of your fish, be sure to use color enhancing foods. The manufacturer of NLS food, Pablo Tepoot, also suggests using New Life Spectrum Discus Formula will also help to increase a healthy appetite. Being a world renowned Cichlid Breeder he definitely knows what he’s talking about!

Minimum quantity for “Assorted Mixed Discus – Thailand Mixed Fancy Colors” is 6.

Shipping size currently around 2.5 – 3″