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Tiger Lotus Jade Nymphea zenkeri



Tiger Lotus plants are regarded as sacred from South Africa all the way to Northern China. Tiger Lotus (Nyphaea sp) plants grow astonishingly quick! The Tiger Lotus will grow in dark conditions as well as high light conditions, so this plant is perfect for virtually ALL lighting types as well as use in small ornamental vases, betta bowls, and even small water garden features. Tiger Lotus absorb lots of excess nutrient from your water column such as nitrates and phosphates which would otherwise contribute to your algae growth, so this is an excellent plant for natural algae control as well and the leaves offering refuge for fish and baby frye.

N. lotus “Jade” is a bulb plant which produces both submersed and floating leaves. Though the plant will grow under low light, higher light values should be favored by the aquarist if the formation of floating leaves is to be avoided. If these floating leaves do develop, however, it is often best to trim them before they get to the surface, since it will be difficult to discourage further foliage of this type once the plant knows where the surface is. Along these same lines, plants that already develop predominantly floating leaves can be trained to discontinue this growth habit if a vigilant trimming of developing floating leaves is practiced.