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Substrate Burrower Snail – Horned Mini Conch Snail


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While the ideal Ph is 7.0 they will adapt to higher or lower levels over time.

In comparison to the Malaysian Trumpet Snail (MTS) this is a very rare and beautiful snail. They feed off of many algae types, leftover foods, algae wafers and other waste. They are peaceful and will aerate the substrate, releasing gases that may build up on occasion. They do not harm healthy plants, but are not as prolific as the MTS. They have a unique shell that makes them extremely desirable, boasting interesting horns or thorn-like growths that are each unique. They are a “live-bearing snail” and do not lay eggs.

Using these snails as part of your aquariums biotope is extremely beneficial, and will help aid and maintain a perfect balance. This is another ideal snail for those needing a food source for fish that crave snails as part of their diet, or where substrates need attention to get cleaned. Stocking about 1 per gallon or more is common.

This snail is not always available but requires a minimum purchase of 12

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