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Santa Cruz Lily or Victoria cruziana Water Lily

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Santa Cruz Lily or Victoria cruziana Water Lily


The Victoria Cruziana (a relative of the Victoria Amazonica) lily is found naturally in the waters of Paraguay and Argentina where they are subjected to the much cooler water temperatures of a subtropical climate. This giant waterlily produces massive, floating medium green lily pads that can reach up to 8 feet across and can support the weight of a small adult. Its leaves are reddish purple and softly-hairy on the underside. The ephemeral pineapple scented blooms appear in summer, lasting only two nights. The 16-inch flowers are white the first night, turning pink to light purple on the second night. Normally offered for zoological exhibits exclusively, this year we offer them to our privateer customers as well. We had about 90 of these lilies for sale this past year and sold out in 1 week!  Due to the difficulty of this type of lily and all of the required factors to grow it, we do not offer any type of guarantee once you plant it. It can be a challenging to get started.

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