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Crustacean Health – Kent Iodide Iodine 8oz



Keep all of your Shrimp, Snails & Fish Healthier with a once-per-month Iodine dosing!

Use Iodine to strengthen the shells of all your crustaceans! Yes, Iodine builds a stronger exoskeleton for shrimp, snails, lobster, crabs and more. It is also not uncommon for fish to develop goiter which can easily be remedied or prevented by adding iodine to the water. In fact, many cichlids especially need iodine to live a healthier life! Iodine is required for proper thyroid function in all living organisms which regulates growth and development in fish. Iodine will also make your fish coloring more vibrant!

Just a small dose of Kent’s Super Iodine added to your freshwater aquarium
is extremely beneficial! As you may know, this product is generally used in saltwater aquariums in dosages of 1 teaspoon per 50 gallons every week. In freshwater aquariums at we use just a 1/2 teaspoon per 25 gallons 1 time per month! This method has been proven to aid in the health and development of strong shrimp, healthier invertebrates, and more colorful fish. Our shrimp are more healthy than ever, more active, more prone to breed, and have also noticed an increase in successful egg hatching as well. Iodine will not harm your freshwater plants or other freshwater fish when used in this small trace amount.

Use just 1/2 teaspoon per 25 gallons once a month.
One 8 ounce bottle should last you quite a long time, we used to offer the 16oz bottle but there was just no need to offer it.

Kent Marine Concentrated Iodide

Replaces iodide (Iodine) needed for proper growth & health of invertebrates. Contains a safe form of iodide, which will not destroy system bacteria.
Did you know that Iodide aids fish thyroid function, fat metabolism, vibrancy, & proper nerve function!
Kent Marine Concentrated Iodide supplement is highly recommended for aquariums with crustaceans, snails, or heavy algae growth!

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